The Promised Land of Prototyping

Interaction designer Henrik Olsen writes about the benefits of prototyping in this article from The Interaction Designer’s Coffee Break.

“While some may claim that prototyping isn’t one of the wonders of the world, it’s definitely a wonder of web and software development. It can help us design better products and overcome many of the hurdles that tend to surface during a development process.”

In the article, Henrik puts forth the following points:

  • The product is designed
  • Helps us externalize and develop ideas
  • Legalizes experimentation and revisions
  • Can make the intangible tangible
  • We can satisfy clients’ wish to see quick results
  • We can take the client for a test drive
  • We can reduce scope creep
  • Makes early usability tests possible
  • Improves team collaboration
  • Can serve as a master plan for implementation
  • Improves cost-efficiency

In addition, Henrik mentions that “changes to a design are inevitable and it’s impossible to get it right the first time.”  Prototyping and reaching agreement with stakeholders at an early stage will avoid major costs and rework in the future.

Henrik concludes with the following:

“With prototyping, we can create better products, and the entire project workflow is made more efficient and less frustrating for everybody involved. It’s a true wonder.”

The full article can be read at this link.


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