Community Discussion with Ubёrblogger Robert Scoble

B2B Marketing blogger, Paul Dunay, writes a blog on Buzz Marketing for Technology.  He recently interviewed Robert Scoble and posted the podcast on his blog.  The discussion is an interesting overview of community, blogging, Twitter, podcasting, etc.

“Ubёrblogger Robert Scoble is truly one-of-a-kind. For those who don’t know him, he gained fame as a technology evangelist at Microsoft and then quickly became the company’s most outspoken and influential blogger. He now interviews people like Bill Gates for his blog, and the worldwide media watch his every move.

I got a chance to interview Robert Scoble on the topic of “Communities, Social Media, Twitter and More.” I think his insights into how to get started with blogging are spot on.”

The entire podcast from Veotag can be found here.

Here is some additional background on Robert Scoble – “Robert Scoble is a technical evangelist, writer, and author of the popular blog Scobleizer. He is currently Vice President of Media Development at the Palo Alto-based video-podcast startup company, where among other things he produces the ScobleShow, a series of interviews and stories about, as the site puts it, “geeks, technologists and developers.”  His blog is available here.


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