Finding Innovation in the 500lb Gorilla

I found this presentation on the IA Summit website and thought it woud be fun to share in Catalyze. In a case study from Yahoo, Kevin Cheng (interaction designer) and Tom Wailes (user experience) talk about a project where they explore a “Vision Project” with full support of senior management. The Vision Project gets product design teams out of the every day grind of projects to enable deeper innovation and forward-thinking.

Here is some more info on presentation which focused on the process :

  • what worked well and what lessons we learned for future efforts of a similar nature. We’ll be discussing the importance of creating this project to define the strategy of the product, as opposed to simply iterating without direction. Through a series of trial and error, we also will be able to discuss how the more visual storytelling outputs were far more engaging and well received than other approaches we tried.
  • In addition we will discuss how this project influenced and was integrated into the subsequent project planning, design and development lifecycle. Finally, we will discuss some other initiatives we’re aware of that attempt to address what we call “innovation stagnation” both within the company and without.
The original presentation appeared on the IA Summit site and includes an audio file.

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