Protocasting – Taking Prototyping To a New Level

I ran across an interesting blog post by Robert Hoeckman, Jr. today on “protocasting” and wanted to share it with the Catalyze community. 

What is a protocast?  I am a big proponent of prototyping or simulations as words alone just do not do justice when trying to explain a new system or functionality.  However, Robert’s techniques takes prototyping to an entirely new level.  Robert’s definition of a protocast is: a combination of a prototype and a screencast.  Robert creates them by filming and narrating a simple prototype using a tool like Camtasia (for Windows) or Snapz Pro (for Mac).

Why does Robert make protocasts?  “The less time I spend on what should be simple explanations, the more time I can spend doing other important things for my clients.”

Read more about protocasting in Robert’s blog entry.  Protocasting may be something to consider on your next project.


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