What Kind of Catalyze Member Are You?

Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff are analysts at Forrester who cover the social technology., media and networking space.

In a recent blog entry, they summarized their findings on social technographics.  Here is an excerpt of their report that is pertains to Catalyze. 

“At the heart of Social Technographics is consumer data that looks at how consumers approach social technologies – not just the adoption of individual technologies. We group consumers into six different categories of participation – and participation at one level may or may not overlap with participation at other levels. We use the metaphor of a ladder to show this, with the rungs at the higher end of the ladder indicating a higher level of participation.”


Since you’re reading this, you are already a Joiner and not an Inactive.  But are you Critic or Creator yet?  Do you want to be?  Growing Catalyze as a community will take all types of members – Spectators, Collectors, Critics and Creators – and you can be more than one type at the same time.

On their blog, Charlene and Josh have also posted several videos from an interesting company called CommonCraft that produces videos that simply explain various topics.  For example, this short video describes social networking in very simple terms.  Please share this with others who may be wondering why social or professional networks (like Catalyze) are important.


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