Tom Peters Lives!

Who knew?

My work colleague was at a conference this week and the keynote speaker was Tom Peters, the uber-guru of management.  Twenty five years ago, Tom and his colleague Bob Waterman wrote the seminal book, In Search of Excellence.  I guess I hadn’t thought of Tom since reading In Search, but he is definitely alive and still kicking.  Tom is continuing to write books and is still riding the speaker circuit. 

On his website, Tom willingly shares copies of his presentations and has converted many of his better blog posts to PDFs for easy downloading and sharing.  If you have the time, you can also view all 2700 slides (in 7 parts) of his presentation Excellence 2007.

In fact, you can even download the slides he used yesterday at the Taleo conference – both the short and long versions.  My only nit is that his fonts and colors are a little (ok more than a little) jarring to the senses (especially if you consider yourself a design expert). 

The slides give you only a small slice of Tom in action.  To get a taste of Tom’s presentation style in a live format, here is a short snippet of him courtesy of YouTube.  This is a 3-minute video on the topic “Innovation is Easy“.


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