The Power of Facebook

Facebook.  Can everyone who hasn’t heard about the Facebook phenomenon please raise their hand?

Facebook has been featured in numerous publications including a Time Magazine cover and has been growing exponentially.  Microsoft’s recent investment places the market value of Facebook at over $10 Billion.  Recent statistics say that the social network is growing at 3 to 4 percent  rate compounded weekly and currently has about 38 million members.  According to Comscore, Facebook growth is slowing in the 18-24 age categories (38% year over year growth), but exploding in the 25 to 35 (181% growth) and the 35+ category (98% growth).  As of May 2007, there were almost twice as many unique visitors in the 25+ categories in Facebook than in the original college age demographic.  More than 10.4 million 35+ and 3.1 million 25 to 35 year old users were accessing Facebook.

As part of my job at iRise, I manage the Catalyze community and we are starting our own Facebook experiment.  Catalyze is hopping on the Facebook bandwagon for several reasons.  We want to:

  • Maximize exposure for Catalyze
  • Introduce more people to Catalyze
  • Provide alternative ways to access Catalyze content

In today’s new Web 2.0 world, it is important to let users access content on their own time and on their own terms.  In essence, Facebook is rapidly becoming the de facto web identity platform.  The Catalyze Facebook group is intended to facilitate this access — and augment, but not replace the website.

Check out the new Catalyze Facebook group and see what you think.  Feel free to join the group and encourage your friends to do so too.  Facebook makes it easy to share links with others via Facebook or by email by using the Share button.  The Catalyze Facebook group is an open group and anyone can join or invite other members to join.

I will be cross-posting information from the website to the Catalyze Facebook group and syndicating some of the blogs as well.

[this blog entry was originally posted to the Catalyze Current Wisdom Blog on October 1, 2007]


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