iRise Fusion ‘07-Be The Voice

David Spark, Spark Media SolutionsBe The Voice (sm) is the mantra of the new social media phenomena. David Spark, a pioneer in the social and newmedia space, spoke at the iRise Fusion Partner Conference today and here is a summary of his message.

David presented on how social media, new media and conversation are propelling thought leadership today.

David’s key points included:

  • Evangelize your brand through custom publishing
  • Distribute content through conversation
  • Fuel conversations with content
  • Be truthful or be exposed

David is a strong believer in Facebook and urged everyone to join Facebook today. Facebook is no longer for college students and the fastest growing segment is the over 35-year-old market.

He also encouraged everyone to become a participant and even better, to become a connector. Connectors bring together others and point them to better content.

Finally, he stressed the importance of providing your ‘consumers’ with plenty of options. Let the customer engage when and where they want to – and make it easy for them to choose their option that is convenient for them whether it be online or offline, video or podcast, etc. Customers don’t need more choice, they need more “TV Guides”.


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