30 Usability Issues

If you are a usability fan or just want to learn more about the key topics in usability, you need to check out the article on “30 Usability Issues To Be Aware Of” from Smashing Magazine.

The exhaustive list includes definitions for 30 usability issues, including my favorites — the Baby-Duck-Syndrome and the Zeigarnik Effect.

-7±2 Principle
-80/20 Rule (The Pareto principle)
-Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design
-Fitts’ Law
-Inverted Pyramid
-Cliffhanger-Effect (Zeigarnik-Effect)
-Gestalt principles of form perception
-The Self-Reference Effect
-Foveal viewport (Foveal area)
-Graceful Degradation (Fault-tolerance)
-Mystery-Meat Navigation (MMN)
-Physical consistency
-Progressive Enhancement (PE)
-User-centered design (UCD)
-Vigilance (sustained attention)
-Walk-Up-And-Use Design


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