What Do CIOs Worry About? – Results of the 2007 SIM CIO Survey

For the last several years, the Society for Information Management (SIM) and Professor Jerry Luftman, Associate Dean of Graduate Information Systems Programs at Stevens Institute of Technology, have conducted a survey of CIOs.  The 2007 survey sponsored by SIM included IT executives from 112 companies across a range of industries.  Dr. Luftman administered and interpreted the results and presented the survey results at the 2007 SIMposium conference in Memphis, Tennessee on October 16, 2007.

In the 2007 SIM Survey press release, the highlights of the findings and insights were as follows:

  • Retaining IT professionals has surpassed IT-Business alignment as the No. 1 concern for IT executives, a major change from the 2006 Survey. Compared to the 2006 SIM Survey, the focus on IT-Business Alignment came in second.
  • The market for IT professionals is the fastest-growing in the US economy. More than 1 million new jobs are projected to be added between 2004 and 2014. Six of the 30 occupations projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to grow the fastest in this time period are IT related. IT job prospects are expected to be good as demand increases because of rapid advancement in technologies, new business opportunities for leveraging applications, and the number of baby boomers expected to retire.
  • But there may not be sufficient IT talent in the pipeline to meet this growing demand. The IT hiring downturn during the early part of this decade and the fear of offshore outsourcing have caused a drop in enrollment for computer science and information systems courses at many universities. In the past decade, the number of students majoring in computer science has dropped 40%. A report from UCLA’s higher-education research institute shows an even steeper decline of 70% between 2000 and 2005 of freshmen who planned to major in computer science.
  • The loss of IT skills and IT professionals will only accelerate the shift of IT jobs overseas. This inaccurate fear that IT jobs are going offshore has caused this shortage in the pipeline. If nothing is done to turn this trend around to meet the anticipated strong demand for IT workers in the United States, organizations will be forced to source their IT resources offshore. Additionally, there is a significant change in the type of skills required for IT professionals; with the softer (e.g., communication, marketing, negotiating, business, industry) skills clearly on the rise.

CIO|Insight also summarized the top 10 Things that CIOs Worry About from Dr. Luftman’s survey.  The % of CIOs who identified each concern are listed in parentheses next to each finding:

  1. Attract, develop and retain IT workers (51%)
  2. IT business alignment (42%)
  3. Build business skills in IT (40%)
  4. Reduce the cost of doing business (29%)
  5. Improve IT quality (28%)
  6. Security and privacy (27%)
  7. Manage change (26%)
  8. IT strategic planning (25%)
  9. Make better use of information (24%)
  10. Evolving CIO leadership role (19%)

The press release also mentioned that you could interview Professor Luftman and receive a copy of the report on the survey of information executives by contacting Patrick A. Berzinski at +1-201-216-5687 or pberzins@stevens.edu.


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