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Emmet Keeffe, iRise CEO and Co-founder, had an opinion piece published this week in is the premier destination online destination for strategic information on the software business. The site and its newsletters are read by thousands of top software industry executives every week.

Emmet talks about “The Requirement Challenge” and why “Accurate Specs are Key”.  He finishes with “The Benefits of Visualization” which I am paraphrasing below:

  • Business people can fully experience the product and make changes early in the process, saving significant time and downstream costs.
  • Developers can catch design and functional errors before an application goes into production.
  • The process can speed through multiple rounds of functional visual edits to quickly reach decisions on business needs and customer experience.
  • Managers can increase final adoption of system with upfront agreements of the application’s process flow, experience and visual look and feel.
  • User experience professionals can rapidly iterate proposed designs directly in front of customers, dramatically improving customer experience.
  • Software sales teams can demo potential products to customers to get feedback before actually developing the application.
  • The professional service teams can test a potential product for possible needed changes to speed implementation and integration.
  • Sharing visualizations with global sourcing partners is not only easier but cheaper. Visualizations eliminate confusion with global development teams because everyone is speaking the same language.
  • Resellers can sell a solution by showing a visualization of what a specific application could do when integrated into the customer’s environment

He wraps up by repeating his vision, “by 2020, all business software will be visualized before its built, just the same way that every car, airplane and semiconductor are visualized today.”

The entire piece is worth a read and can be found at


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