Free Books

Here are two free e-books that I ran across recently that may be of interest to you.

The Business Brickyard by Howard Mann

This small book contains the secret basics to unlock the true power and potential of your business. The basics. That’s what you lost when you went from feeling like making your mark to just keeping up and surviving.

It is time to admit you’re not having fun anymore and it is ok to say it. Only then can you find your way back to the beginning when your business was all promise and no misery. Only then can you build (and innovate on top of) the basics that will never let you down.

Download ebook here.

Bonus book – The Little Book of Business Jokes.

Read The Business Brickyard Blog.


The Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II by Dave Balter

Dave is the founder and CEO of BzzAgent and this is his second book (note – I am a longtime BzzAgent).

The Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II is split into three enlightening, funny sections, all working together to prove that WOM is one of the most powerful marketing mediums on the planet. Check them out:

  • Part I: What You Should Know (in Theory) takes a look at what’s new with word of mouth
  • Part II: What You Probably Know Already (Unless You Don’t) answers the questions, doubts and criticisms from organized word of mouth’s early formation
  • Part III: What You Must Know (in Practice) discusses the necessities of practicing this communications phenomenon

Download the ebook.


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