Testing LinkedIn DirectAds

LinkedIn DirectAds quietly launched their CPM ad service in late June and announced it on July 15th in the LinkedIn blog. I saw my first mention of it on the LinkedIn site this week. Since I’m currently in the job market, I decided to make a $25 investment and experiment with my own ad to advertise my availability. You can see the ad below and the ad links to the About page in my blog where I discuss my current job search.

I have experience with both Google Adwords and Facebook ads, and found the ad set-up process pretty simple. The interface is more polished than Google’s (which wasn’t hard to improve), and similar in many ways. In comparison, you have to create a graphical ad for Facebook which may be harder for most people to do without any design help.

The DirectAds interface shows you what your ad will look like and there is a preview mode. You can also put a re-direct link which is different from the display link.  But the display link and re-direct have to be in the same hierarchy.

My name appears at the bottom of the ad so the process is very transparent who is posting the ad. The link takes you to my LinkedIn profile. This is a great idea as it will keep people from gaming the system – or if they do, their profile information is readily available.

The ads are set up so you pay by impressions. For my $25, I will receive 1,923 impressions (13 cents each) and I was able to target my ads to specific segments – in my case, I chose Marketing and Information Technology. When you are selecting the segments, a running tally of the potential audience is maintained. My ad will run for the next 14 days and they will try to evenly spread my impressions on a daily basis.

Here is how the Ad Manager screen looks – you can see that I have had 91 impressions and 1 click since my ad went live on Tuesday afternoon. The statistics update every night.

LinkedIn DirectAds

LinkedIn DirectAds

You can learn more about DirectAds by visiting the DirectAds Start page or the Help and FAQ page.

Let me know if you happen to see one of my ads on LinkedIn!


3 thoughts on “Testing LinkedIn DirectAds

  1. hi there,
    i was just researching LinkedIn Direct Ads and read your article on your blog – thank you for posting and helping people out. I have been searching online to find out if the $25 is a flat fee for your ad and with that you get up to 1000 impressions or if you pay per click in addition to the $25?? What was your experience once you were done with your ad and billed out? Thanks tons!

  2. Darine – the $25 is a flat fee and there was no impression fee. They promised to show my ad a certain number of times for the $25 fee.

    I didn’t get a job out of my experiment, so it wasn’t successful from that standpoint. But I know that I got some clickthrus to my blog from the ad.

    I suppose it depends on what you’re trying to accomplish with the ad…


  3. Hey Tom, great experiment. I’ve posted something similar on my website. Have a look. I have had some good hits but my budget was too small to reasonably able to speculate concretely.


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