Crowdsourcing Mzinga’s Strategy On A Napkin

Rachel Happe who leads strategic consulting at community vendor Mzinga offered a challenge on Twitter last week to participate in producing a great strategy diagram.

Mzinga is crowdsourcing to get a great strategy diagram – everyone is submitting a ‘Back of the Napkin’ Drawing –

In Mzinga terms, crowdsourcing is a way to let the ‘crowds’ help you do something.  Companies are crowdsourcing many activities these days, from their marketing when they run commercial contests to their product development when they let customers define their products.

The link in Rachel’s tweet links to an article in Fast Company from last April by Kate Bonamici Flaim.  The article discussed a new book by Dan Roam called The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures. The idea behind the book is that anybody with a pen and a scrap of paper can use visual thinking to work through complex business ideas.  The book is broken down into steps which provides the reader with “tools and rules” to facilitate picture making.

Always up for a challenge and after being a Mzinga customer for almost 2 years, I figured that I should throw an entry into the ring.

I have a couple of caveats.  First, napkins are awfully hard to draw on, second, I am not an artist and third, I have not read Dan’s book yet.  So, I actually cheated a bit and drew my submission on a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper and also had help to draw some of my elements.  It’s not exactly what I visualized in my mind, but it’s close.  With that, it is a great exercise to summarize a strategy on a single page.

So, here is my entry for Rachel’s contest:

Mzinga Strategy on a Napkin

Mzinga Strategy on a Napkin by Tom Humbarger

So, can you draw your strategy on a napkin?


5 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing Mzinga’s Strategy On A Napkin

  1. Tom – this is great and definitely speaks to the Mzinga approach of combining strategy, applications, and services to enable our customers to be WE in their approach.

    I love it!

  2. Great napkin Tom. You captured the very important but often ignored “nuance” that successful social media initiatives require not just the tools (applications), but also the initial and ongoing business strategy, best practices, management and moderation that Mzinga provides.

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