Honk If You Love SnagIt!

I love SnagIt and use it almost every day.  After Firefox, SnagIt is my most used application and one that I consider an essential tool.

SnagIt Capture of SnagIt Webpage

SnagIt Screen Capture of the SnagIt Webpage

As a Social Media exercise, I’m going to share my thoughts on SnagIt and try to get some Link-love, Twitter-love and Facebook-love for my favorite product.  I don’t work for TechSmith or know anyone there – and they don’t give me free software.  But the point of Social Media is that they should know about me and want to cultivate more very happy customers like me who will go out of their way to trumpet their product.

So what is SnagIt and why do I love it? SnagIt is a screen capture utility from TechSmith.  TechSmith also sells some other products that capture screen and presentation recordings, and that do media hosting and usability testing, but SnagIt is their “ubiquity product“.  That means nearly everyone has a need for SnagIt, and will find it both useful and easy to use.  What more could you want out of a product?

I primarily use Snagit to capture pictures and logos for blog posts, emails and documents and to crop pictures for profile pictures.  You can also annotate your captures if you are using the screen shots to explain something to someone.  Obviously, you can do a lot more with SnagIt – but for me, using SnagIt for these simple, everyday tasks makes the purchase price of $49.95 well worth it.  (And sorry Mac users, SnagIt does not currently sell a Mac version.)

So what can you do to show your SnagIt appreciation? SnagIt does have a Facebook fan page, but there were only 161 fans when I checked it this morning.  TechSmith does have a blog and their chief evangelist is very active in Twitter.  But there is not a lot of SnagIt noise in Twitter – a simple search turned up about 75 mention of SnagIt on Twitter during the last 2 weeks and there is not a SnagIt-branded Twitter account.  The SnagIt website does have a section called “Why will you love SnagIt?” with a couple of testimonials and explanations of how people are using it.  But it seems like they could be doing more to reach out and tap into their user base to create more product evangelists.

In the meantime, I’m going to help them out a bit.

How much do you love SnagIt? To show your love, here are some activities you can do:

  • Join the Facebook SnagIt Fan Page
  • Re-tweet my “Honk If You Love SnagIt!” tweet
  • Send a Tweet to Betsy Weber, the SnagIt evangelist – @betsyweber
  • Link to this blog post
  • Download the free 30-day trial of SnagIt and try it for yourself
  • Check out the TechSmith Visual Lounge blog where they use a lot of short videos to make their points
  • Upload a how-to or video commercial to YouTube (note that there are many SnagIt video tutorials already on YouTube and it doesn’t look like they were generated by TechSmith and there is no SnagIt)
  • If you’re a Mac user, implore TechSmith to come out with a SnagIt version for the Mac!

I’ll provide an update next week on my grassroots SnagIt Social Media campaign.


11 thoughts on “Honk If You Love SnagIt!

  1. Honk, honk!!! I love SnagIt!

    Thanks for this great blog post. I appreciate it! And, thank you for rallying the troops!

    Great ideas too! We’re constantly looking for community and product feedback. Feel free to pass that along too. We’re always looking to improve SnagIt.

    Thanks again – you made my day! 🙂

    Betsy Weber, Chief Evangelist

  2. I should have mentioned, we are considering a Mac version of SnagIt. You can find news and info about it here – http://www.techsmith.com/macdevelopment.asp

    And, send your request to the SnagIt team for a Mac version or any other feedback) here – http://www.techsmith.com/company/contact/productfeedback.asp

    In the interim, we do have the Jing Product (www.jingproject.com). There is a Mac and PC version of Jing and it is perfect for instantly capturing images or videos to easily share.

    Betsy Weber, Chief Evangelist

  3. Great post, Tom — I’m a huge TechSmith fan too — recently discovered Jing, which helps with many of my SnagIt like needs (on the Mac) — but, I’m still holding out for full-support Mac Products any day now 🙂 Until then, I just bide my time…

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  5. Honk! Honk! I love SnagIt, too. I use it for lots of stuff – presentations, IT support. documentation, collecting stuff from the web, etc.

    If you have to do take lots of screenshots and you want to annotate them or make them look more professional there’s no better product than SnagIt.

  6. HONK! I love SnagIt too! I use it at work ALL the time, and have used it for at-home stuff too. Generally I use it to capture a screen of our training page & point people to the right place, or do a 1-2-3 click-here kind of thing with the callouts. Works like a charm! 🙂

  7. HONK!HONK! – SnagIt is the best – I discover new ways to use it everyday at work and at home – Please Please release a Mac version.

  8. SnagIt is an absolutely amazing tool. I use it daily for a whole range of things . . . from capturing screenshots, extracting icons, capturing video and a whole range of things.

    For those of you who haven’t already – spend some time learning the full capabilities of SnagIt . . . a great starting point is Tips & Tricks for SnagIt from Toms Guide:


    I also went and joined the facebook group 🙂

    Great Post!

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