Is Happiness Your Business Model?

Tara “missrogue” Hunt posted a great presentation on Slideshare recently called “Happiness as Your Business Model” which is about “incorporating your human drive for fulfillment into your core business”.

Not only is the presentation visually pleasing, Tara makes several great points in the 197 slide presentation (don’t worry, it doesn’t really feel like 197 slides and you can flip through the presentation pretty quickly).

She starts out by comparing the theoretical “homo-economicus” to the more practical “homo-feelgoodomicus” and worked in Martin Seligman’s 1998 Positive Psychology study and humans’ need for happiness as a key to success,

Why is happiness important? Here are Tara’s 7 reasons that happiness is key to business success:

  1. happy customers talk to more people about their positive experiences (see my SnagIt post)
  2. unhappy customers talk to the most people about their negative experiences
  3. happy customers are repeat customers
  4. happy customers will pay more for an awesome experience
  5. happy customers are loyal
  6. happy customers will drive your marketing for you (see #2)
  7. happy employees are more productive, creative and loyal

Following up on that, she launches into a discussion of the 4 Pillars of Happiness (autonomy, competence, relatedness and self-esteem) which are offset by the 5 Barriers to Happiness (fear, confusion, loneliness, lack of control and struggle for survival).

Ultimately, it’s about finding an “axis of misery” where people are unhappy with their experiences and turning it into a money-making opportunity by them happy (think Zappos, Zipcar, Southwest Airlines, and Moleskin, etc.).

You can follow Tara on Twitter (as missrogue) or read more about her on her HorsePigCow blog.


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