And The Consumer Says “I Want A Divorce”

I found these two videos on YouTube yesterday and want to share them.

In a very lighthearted way, the videos depict the current issues and problems between most traditional Advertisers and their Consumers.  The ads are very well done and were created (interestingly and surprisingly) by a group called Microsoft Advertising Solutions.  The only reference to Microsoft is at the very end of the presentation where a short URL is presented to their “Get Inspired Here” website.

Microsoft is not well known (at all) for connecting to their customers, so it’s a little amusing they created and are using these videos to inspire marketers to embrace to online media and their consumers.  The two bloggers listed on the About Us part of the website are based in EMEA and Southeast Asia – and not at headquarters in Washington – which is also curious.

In any case, both videos are quite entertaining and highlight the issues of advertisers and marketers just wanting to talk at consumers instead of engaging them in a conversation and really getting to know them and their needs.

The first video: THE BREAKUP



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