How Are You Building Your Personal Brand?

Here is an interesting presentation I found on titled “Brand U.0” by David Armano who is a VP of Experience Design at Critical Mass and the author of Logic + Emotionabout.  He posted it yesterday and will be giving the keynote at the Chicago New Media Summit next week.

The presentation concludes with the 5 B’s of building the Brand U.0.  I have included my interpretations of the B’s and wish I could hear David’s explanations:

  1. Be ubiquitous – that means having multiple streams where people can find you such as your blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for most professionals — see the My Social Media links from the top tab on my blog for an example of publicizing your links or how the Mzinga executives make it easy to find and follow them as noted in my friend Jim Storer’s profile on the Mzinga website
  2. Be social – you have to effectively maintain and manage your profiles on various social networks — ok it’s sometimes hard work to keep track of everything, but it will pay off over the long haul
  3. Be interesting – means you have to share consistently and freely — for example, I try to post an interesting article or link to my Facebook profile every day; this helps serve as a way for me to find them again as well as maintaining visibility for my Facebook newsfeed
  4. Be remarkable – you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd — you don’t have to be outlandish, but you do need to use some creativity to get some attention like my Web 2.0 and Beer blog post which has garnered the highest number of views for my blog
  5. Be yourself – which means letting your personality shine by being authentic — you cannot force your personality or fake authenticity, so don’t try

You don’t have to be a social media superstar or wannabe to worry about building your personal brand — and it’s not too early to start building it!


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