Shifting from Me to We – The “Movie” Version

Here is a clever new video from my friends at Mzinga.

If you are a fan of the Common Craft videos, you will enjoy this video from the pure aesthetics standpoint.  The video is simple, visually appealing without being complex and the talk is in plain English.

While the video is mostly a “commercial” for Mzinga , the first 90 seconds provide a great generic description of why community is important and why companies need to start thinking about shifting from “Me” to “We” with their customers, employees and partners.  Plus, the narrator brings a soothing, folksy, and conversational tone to the video — and it’s almost worth a watch to hear his voice.

The video is also an example of how a company can successfully leverage social media (in this case YouTube), and get their “We are Smarter than Me” message out in a different ‘flavor’ and more portable format.


One thought on “Shifting from Me to We – The “Movie” Version

  1. Thanks for the post, Tom! Yes, it is certainly a self-indulgent piece of user generated content.. I did it on a Saturday as I was learning about mzinga, before I took my new job here. It is intentionally rough. This was my response to the napkin contest — its a multimedia napkin!

    Patrick, CMO Mzinga

    PS — and yes, it is a riff on the great work Common Craft does!

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