Looking for An Example Community RFP?

Is your company starting to consider a community initiative?

Are you wondering where to start?

Have you been looking for an example community RFP?

Look no further.

In the spirit of social media transparency, I have attached an example of an actual Community RFP that I used 2 years when I started the community process to develop what eventually became the Catalyze community.  One of the vendors who responded to our proposal noted that it was one of the most complete and comprehensive proposals that they had seen.

I made a couple of slight updates to the the RFP, but for the most part I would use this same RFP if I were looking for a vendor today.  Feel free to use the example as a template or to give you some ideas for your own request for proposal.  I have left blanks where there was proprietary information, but for the most part the template is generic.

There are two key sections in the RFP template:

1. General information

  • Purpose of the RFP
  • RFP communications
  • RFP timeline
  • RFP preparation
  • Vendor responses
  • Effective dates of pricing
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Right to reject RFP responses

2. Requirements

  • Community strategy
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Functionality requirements
  • Ongoing management requirements
  • Technology requirements
  • Other requirements
  • Cost requirements

Click on the picture below from where I’ve posted the RFP on Scribd.com or on this link to access the RFP example.  On Scribd, you can view the document or download it in Word, PDF or text format – or share or send it to others.

Let me know if you find the RFP helpful or if you have any additions or comments.


4 thoughts on “Looking for An Example Community RFP?

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