Are You Boring on Facebook?

Is your Facebook page a barren wasteland?   Does your Facebook page show you as boring person when you’re really not?    Do you have boring friends on Facebook?  Do you want to do something about it?

The idea of Facebook is to connect and share with others and if you don’t want to come across as a social media misfit, you need to actively manage your image.  As more and more ‘older’ people are using Facebook (older as in anyone not currently attending college), it is important to present a somewhat professional appearance on Facebook – especially if you are friending co-workers and other professionals.  It doesn’t really take a great deal of time to put forth a better image and the effort will definitely be worthwhile.

Here are a couple of simple things you can do to boost your Facebook image.

Add a Picture – One of the simplest thing you can do is add a profile picture.  It doesn’t have to be a glamour or professional headshot, but the picture should be a headshot that shows a bit of your personality.  I used SnagIt to create a headshot from a digital photograph.  Another simple thing is to update your picture periodically – like every several months.

And don’t let your Facebook picture look like this!

Make Sure Your Facebook Picture Doesn't Look Like This!

Is This Your Facebook Picture?

Complete Your Profile – You should complete the Info section of your profile as much as possible to show that you do in fact have a life.  Facebook lets you publish several website links, so don’t forget to add links to your corporate website, blog, Twitter page and LinkedIn profile.  I also updated the Education and Work section so it is similar to my LinkedIn profile.  If you are going to list your birth date, I would recommend not showing the birth year.

Link Your Blog to Notes – Facebook lets you import posts from one externl blog into your Facebook Notes.  If you have a blog, you must absolutely link your blog into your Notes.  If not, you could link to your corporate or favorite blog.  Check the Edit Settings on Your Notes to add the blog as shown below.

Share Interesting Articles and Content – I have posted 186 items in the last year – roughly 4 to 5 each week.  Every time I post, the posted item shows up in my Facebook Newsfeed so my friends see it and I can find it later.  For me, this is a great way to bookmark favorite articles, videos and other content that I want to be able to find again.  Social media is all about sharing knowledge with others and sharing interesting articles and links helps contribute to our shared knowledge.

The other great thing is that Facebook makes it really easy to share content.  I use the Firefox browser with the Facebook toolbar which has a Share button.  The are also Share on Facebook buttons that you can add in both Firefox and Internet Explorer.  You can also share links directly from your Facebook profile as noted below.

“What Are You Doing Now?” – Update Your Facebook Status Frequently – You should also make an effort to update your status frequently.  I would recommend doing it daily or weekly at a minimum.  I am an active user of Twitter, so I have installed the Twitter application in Facebook.  Once you set up this Facebook application, all of your Twitter updates will automatically pump into your Facebook Status.  For me, this is the easiest way to make sure my status is current.  And if you an active Twitterer, all of your Tweets will show up in your Newsfeed.

My goal is to convert just one Facebook profile from boring to wow.  Let me know if this tutorial helped and if you have any other quick suggestions.


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