In Search of Eagles

I happened to see this request on the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) website today.  Being an Eagle Scout and a new Cub Scout leader, I knew that I had to send a letter to Connor.

Hi! My name is Connor and I am a Bear in Den 1, Pack 293 in Spring, Texas. I am writing to you because this year is the 100th year of Scouting. To celebrate, the boys in my Den are writing to Eagle Scouts across the United States in the hopes that we will receive 100 letters back.

Here is the letter I sent to Connor today:


September 26, 2008

Dear Connor,

I am writing to you because I saw that you were looking for former Eagle Scouts to share their favorite memories. Your request made me think about Scouting again as my second grade son Henry is starting out in Cub Scouts this year and I’m going to be his Den Leader.

I was a Boy Scout in Troop 1666 in Oregon, Ohio and received my Eagle Scout award on May 12, 1976 in the Bicentennial Year. My certificate was signed by former President Gerald Ford who was also an Eagle Scout. I’ve enclosed a copy of my Eagle certificate and a picture of me with my brother at my Eagle Scout ceremony. You can see the Eagle pinned on my shirt pocket. I also thought you should know that I almost didn’t make Eagle. I progressed rapidly to Life Scout and held that rank for 2 years before becoming an Eagle Scout. My Dad pushed me to finish up the requirements and I am so glad he did as it would have been a shame to be so close and not finish.

My Brother Gary and Me at My Eagle Ceremony

I had a great time in Scouts and have many memories. My memory from Cub Scouting is the first time I participated in the Pinewood Derby. My car wouldn’t go down the track and I remember being very upset about it. What I learned is that it was more important to spend the time with my Dad then worry about how my Pinewood racer performed.

In Boy Scouts, my favorite times were mostly around the campouts I attended. I remember Camp Igloo in February (outside), our local Boy Scout Camp (Camp Miakonda) and summer camp at Camp Pioneer. I also had the special fortune of going on two Boy Scout High Adventure trips. I got to go to Philmont Scout Reservation in New Mexico when I was 15 and to the Charles L. Sommers Canoe Base in the Boundary Waters International Park near Ely, Minnesota when I was 16. Those two trips were the pinnacle of my scouting career and made all of the effort I put into Scouting worth it.

I have also copied a picture of my son Henry and me in our new uniforms. We are members of Pack 713 in Manhattan Beach, California. Our Pack is notable as a Cub Master from our pack founded and held the first Pinewood Derby in 1953. Henry is so excited to be a Cub Scout and our first campout is next Saturday, and we get to spend the night on the aircraft carrier USS Midway in San Diego.

Good luck with your project and best wishes on your scouting career!

Yours in Scouting,

Tom Humbarger


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