The Freedom Trail and Social Media

Boston Freedom Trail

Boston Freedom Trail

How am I going to link Boston’s famous Freedom Trail to Social Media?

Here’s how.  I’m spending a day in Boston for a business meeting.  I arrived this afternoon and had time to go out for a quick run before it got dark.

The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile “red-brick walking trail that leads you to 16 nationally significant historic sites, every one an authentic American treasure”.  Since my hotel happens to be on the Freedom Trail in Charlestown, I decided to follow it for my run.  In 40 minutes, I got a mini-historical tour of Boston including the Old North Church, the State House, King’s Church and Burial Ground, The Boston Common, and Faneuil Hall to name a few.

The trail is pretty well marked with either double rows of red bricks or a 10-inch wide red line of paint.  However, I didn’t always want to go where the trail went so I used it more as a guide than an actual rule because I’m not always into following the rule.  But I saw many, many tourists – even on a cool November Monday afternoon – diligently trying to follow or find the ‘red line’.

So, I find myself in the Boston Commons staring up at the golden dome of the State House and it dawned on me.

In social media, there is no red line to follow.

Sure there’s some guideposts and examples you can follow.  You can read some blogs and talk to some experts about strategy.  But for you to get the most out of your social media experience you will have to blaze your own trail.  This means that you will have to get off the path, experiment with some new things, get out of your comfort zone, take some risks, and fail at some things before you find your own social media ‘red line’.  And you’ll have to keep doing experimenting and trying new things as technology changes, new applications appear and your situation changes.

So stop looking for the social media red line and start blazing your own social media trail!


One thought on “The Freedom Trail and Social Media

  1. The takeaway, Tom, is when you mention folks “get off the path, experiment with some new things, get out of your comfort zone, take some risks, and fail at some things.”

    How did you like my near-hometown of Boston? I was raised south of the city and currently live north of it.

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