Service According to Johnny the Bagger

A friend of mine suggested that I read Ken Blanchard’s Simple Truths of Services: Inspired by Johnny the Bagger.  He hands out the book to all of his new managers and is constantly promoting customer service.

While waiting to get the book, I did some exploring on the Internet.  This story is about how even small contributions can make a difference.  Johnny who has Down Syndrome and is a bagger at a grocery store that was going through a customer loyalty training.  Johnny was inspired by the presentation to come up with a new special saying each night. He would type up the saying and would then put them in customers’ bags the next day. This small gesture ultimately transformed the whole store and inspired other employees to ‘delight’ their customers too.

A great challenge to all companies is to have their employees:

Think about something you can do for your customer to make them feel special – a memory that will make them come back.

If you don’t have time to read the book, at least take the time to watch this 3-minute movie about the story. I am confident that you will be as inspired by the story too:


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