Change and Lessons from Barack Obama

We are the change we seek…let’s go change the world.

Barack Obama, from the 2008 Presidential campaign trail

barackincIt’s probably fitting that I’m wearing my Barack Obama “One Voice Can Change the World” t-shirt as I write this post but I wanted to share some news about my friend, Barry Libert, CEO at Mzinga.  Barry has co-authored a book with Rick Faulk titled Barack Inc. and it will be coming out on January 19th in conjunction with Obama’s inauguration.

The book discusses about how Barack Obama used social media to energize and build a vast online community of followers.   The essence of the book is that business leaders must embrace change and “become the change” they offer to effectively lead their constituencies – employees, shareholders, partners and customers – to achieve it.

There is also a short 3-minute video  (nicely created by Patrick Moran) that  I found posted on the Barack, Inc website.  The video highlights three of the key points from the book which are:

  • Be cool
  • Be social
  • Be the change

Barry Libert and Rick Faulk will be holding a webinar on January 21st with Don Tapscott to talk about the important lessons that all of us can learn from Obama’s campaign.  You can learn more about the book and register for the webinar from the Barack, Inc. website.


2 thoughts on “Change and Lessons from Barack Obama

  1. Hey Tom!

    Thanks so much for writing about the book on your blog! Gonna nudge Rick and Barry to leave you comments on here too, but I know they appreciate the post.

    Did you sign up for the webinar on the 21st w/ Don Tapscott? I just read his book Grown Up Digital and it’s great. I’m looking forward to helping come up with more content on the website. If you have any ideas you think we can incorporate to make the site better or perhaps you want to do a guest blog post on there, let me know. I’ve been assigned the community manager role on that platform and I’m eager to get as many people involved as possible.

    Have a great weekend!
    Alexa | @alexa

  2. I’ll tell you this, the effectiveness and widespread reach of Obama’s presence on twitter and digg is a big lesson for any internet marketer

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