Life Without Limbs – No Problem

Nick Vujicic Surfing in Hawaii - From Surer Magazine

Nick Vujicic Surfing in Hawaii - Surfer Magazine

Nick Vujicic was born 26 years ago in Melbourne, Australia without any arms or legs.

Last night, Nick was a guest speaker at our church in Manhattan Beach.  The audience was overflowing and rapt with attention for more than an hour.

Nick’s message was very inspiring and inspirational – in fact, my 16-year-old son said Nick was the best religious speaker he had ever heard.  Besides being a great motivational speaker, Nick pokes fun at his infirmity and told several stories that had the audience in stitches including one about him being stuffed in the overhead bin of an airplane.

His message is not to get people to feel sorry for him or to have people stop complaining about what’s going on in their life because they actually have it easy (or easier than a guy without any arms or legs).

Instead, his message was one of love, hope and inspiration.  He talked about how he first wondered how God could failed him and then he realized that God created him for a purpose.  He discovered that he had a gift to share and decided to live as passionately as he could.  Nick was excited to share that he was recently ordained as a pastor.  He just returned from a 10-week trip through Africa and Asia where he spoke 150 times.  In front of the audience, Nick gets around pretty good for a guy without arms or legs and after a while you don’t even notice his condition.

If you ever get a chance to see Nick in person, definitely do it.  In the meantime, you can check out Nick’s website – – and some of the YouTube videos below.

Here is an example of Nick speaking:

And here is how Nick gets around:


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