WWGD – What Would Google Do?

Business Week - 2/9/2009

Business Week - 2/9/2009

I picked up a latest copy of Business Week magazine when I was traveling last week because I was snared by the cover story – “Could Google Fix Detroit?”.

The article was an excerpt from Jeff Jarvis’ new book called “What Would Google Do?”. The article talked about how Google may be able to apply their management techniques to the Big 3 Automakers.  While some of the suggestions are intriguing, most of Detroit’s ills would not be served by Google taking over the industry.  For example, Google has no experience with an embedded union workforce and the issues that come arise from dealing with a large retiree base.

In any case, here are some management tips that have served Google well.  Most of these can be applied to other situations and industries too.  In fact, many of these tips are social media-based suggestions that could be applied just as easily to a social media initiative.

  • Manage abundance, not scarcity
  • Make mistakes well
  • Give up control
  • Get out of the way
  • Low prices are good (free is better)
  • Don’t be evil

Here’s a video of Jeff discussing his book:

Here are some other resources:


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