What’s Your Twitter Grade?

Are you Twittering yet?  If you are and you’re competitive like most people, then you’ll probably want to find out how you stack up against others. 

Internet Marketing Company Hubspot offers a great (and free) tool called Twitter Grader which lets you grade yourself and others.  You simply type in your Twitter username or the name of someone else and in a few seconds, you get back a report that assigns a score based on some secret algorithm that must look at the number of Tweets, frequency of Tweets, number of people following you and number of followers.

My Twitter Grade is 99 out of 100 which puts me in the top 17,001 of all people who Twitter.  In Manhattan Beach where I live, I am actually #3 on the list of Twitter “elite”.

Twitter Grader - Tom Humbarger

Twitter Grader - Tom Humbarger

There is also a new feature which lists the top 50 “Twittering” cities and the Twitter elite in each city.  This is a great way to get connected with the key people who use Twitter and a way to build the number of people you follow in your field or in your community.  You can also search for other locations and locate people where you live.  Another nice feature is the list of suggested people to follow and the ability to view a user’s history of followers and followees over the last 6 months.

Twitter Grader - Top Users in Manhattan Beach

Twitter Grader - Top Users in Manhattan Beach

The interface is very clean and easy to use.   Check it out and see how you stack up!  You should also check out the HubSpot marketing blog as it has many great tips on the use of internet marketing.


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