“Context is King” According to Randy Farmer

Social Media and Community Pioneer Randy Farmer was at Forum One’s Online Community Business Forum (OCBF2009) last week and he conducted a breakout session on context.  I did not attend the session, but I did follow up with Randy’s notes on the forum’s wiki and from his website. 

In Randy’s own words, here is what he’s up to:

One year ago I presented Context is King to this community and partially as the result of your feedback I decided to persue a year of consulting and book writing.
Presently I’m working with Bryce Glass of Yahoo! on a book for O’Reilly and Yahoo! Press entitled Building Web 2.0 Reputation Systems. The book is being written open-book style – there is a companion blog and wiki at http://buildingreputation.com where you can read our thoughts, draft chapters, and give feedback and even make edits to various commentary sections.

Essentially, Randy believes that context is the “new king”.  Bill Gates originally said that “content is King” in 1996 and then “user generated” content was crowned the next King starting around 2003.   Taking it a step further, Randy offers that “user generated content in context” is what really causes the transformation from a website into a community.

Here is a Slideshare presentation with more of Randy’s thoughts:


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