What’s On Your iPhone?

Whats On My iPhone (you can take a picture of your iPhone screen by holding home and power buttons)

What's On My iPhone (you can take a picture of your iPhone screen by holding home and power buttons)

There are so many iPhone apps to choose from and it is so easy to add new applications, how do you decide which ones are considered ‘essential’ and need to be on your home screen.  I actually have 5 pages of applications on my iPhone or more than 75 apps, but many have only been used once.

So if you could only have 20 iPhone applications, which ones would you pick?  I spent some time yesterday and today winnowing down my list and re-arranging my homescreen to the applications that I either use daily or consider essential.  To make this exercise more fun, I am tagging a couple of friends who have iPhones so they can share their favorite apps and home screens too.

Derek Showerman, Geoff Brown, Jim Storer and Aaron Strout – what’s on your iPhone?  Feel free to join in, add a link to your list and tag others with this question.

Here’s what’s on my iPhone:

Top Row

  • Camera – you have to have the camera in the top row so you can easily share pictures by email, Flickr or Twitter.
  • Settings – I’m constantly turning the wifi on and off to maximize the battery, so it is essential to have my settings in a key space.
  • Calendar – while I don’t really use the calendar function much yet, I hope to become more digital in keeping track of meetings and family events.
  • App Store – how can you find even more apps to add to your phone without having the Apps Store at your fingertips?

Second Row

  • The Weather Channel – because it’s essential to know what’s going on around you.
  • Maps – I love the idea that my iPhone knows exactly where I am even if I don’t.
  • Citibank – I’m a Citibank customer and this is a great implementation of Citibank’s Internet banking.
  • Wikipanion – because you never know when you will need Wikipedia to settle a bar bet.

Third Row

  • SMS – I’m not a big texter yet, but I do like the idea of being able to quickly reach out to someone with a text message.
  • Yelp – I think this is the best way to find restaurants and other services.
  • Pandora – this is my favorite Internet radio service – and I’m always listening to my Natalie Merchant mix when I spend time alone in the car.
  • TwitterFon – while I don’t Twitter too much on my iPhone, this app is my favorite choice if I have to.

Fourth Row

  • NY Times – I enjoy reading the NY Times when I sit in my daughter’s room at night waiting for her to fall asleep.
  • USA Today – this is a great way to get the USA Today and they also let you easily share the stories on Twitter and by email.
  • MLB.com – it’s baseball season again and this is how I keep track of the Angels and Dodgers (and to see whether the Red Sox are losing).  I haven’t sprung for the paid version yet, but the season is still young.
  • Suduko – this is for my wife (who is a big suduko fan) when she puts our daughter down to bed at night.

Permanent Row – these applications are why you have an iPhone, right?

  • Phone
  • Contacts
  • Safari
  • Mail – and I have 3 mail accounts set-up – my Yahoo and Gmail accounts and my wife’s Yahoo account

Honorable Mention – these apps were close, but didn’t make the cut as they are ones that I could do without if I had to:  Just Light Flashlight, NPR Mobile, Facebook, LinkedIn, Calculator and Bloomberg.

BTW, if you need to move and re-arrange your application icons, you can do so by holding down any application icon for 5 seconds.  This will make the icons jiggle and then you can drag the icon to another screen or delete them.


7 thoughts on “What’s On Your iPhone?

  1. Will try and do a post myself (love this one). Mine is pretty simple:
    – Youtube
    – Stocks
    – Weather
    – iPod
    – Maps
    – Contacts
    – Clock (used mostly for alarm)
    – Photos
    – Settings
    – Shazam (my 2nd favorite app ever)
    – Calendar
    – Camera (ask Peter Kim, I am a photo taking nut)
    – Facebook
    – Tweetie (my first favorite)_
    – Sports Tap
    – Google Mobile

    Second Screen
    – Notes
    – App store
    – iTunes
    – Evernote
    – Calculator
    – JetBlue (check flight status)
    – Labyrinth (keeps my son occupied at Starbucks)

    How’s that?

    Aaron | @aaronstrout

  2. Thanks Aaron – I haven’t tried either Shazam or Labyrinth yet, so already I have some new apps to test on my iPhone. One of my ideas was to discover what I’m missing out on…

  3. Top Row

    * Camera – set tewo twitpic
    * Photos- Hadley uses this often with the dog.
    * Calendar – This is connected to my Outlook and keeps me on task!
    *Text- I get incessant text

    Second Row

    * The Weather Channel – I like nice weather
    * Maps – Hads and I use this feature constantly
    * Stocks- I like to keep up with the DOW!
    * TwitterFon – I use this constantly!

    Third Row

    * AppStore- I hit this whenever I am bored.
    * Yelp – Hands down the best and never fails me.
    * Pandora – I made a Slayer channel
    * Google – voice activated to find whatever I want when I want.

    Fourth Row

    * Lightsaber – Make your iPhone into a lightsaber. C’mon-so cool! Plus the dog stops begging when you light this bad boy!
    * USA Today – Easy news and I love sharing quickly.
    * MLB.com -Lets GO Mets
    * Suduko – good for late night flights

    Permanent Row – these applications are why you have an iPhone, right?

    * Phone
    * Contacts
    * Safari
    * Mail – and I have my work email attached.

  4. Some great ideas here. My list is similar to Tom’s, but I didn’t have the lightsaber app until (swoosh!) now. Others that I use:

    *Tweetie (twitter client)
    *Outpost (Basecamp app)
    *Ambience (white noise for sleeping on planes)
    *Cleartune – because if you’re musician it’s awesome to have a chromatic tuner in your pocket
    *Star Trek phaser
    *Fake Call (to get out of meetings where zapping with Star Trek phasers is discouraged)

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