Twitter Analytics – Looking at twInfluence

Tom Humbarger on Twinfluence

Tom Humbarger on twInfluence

twInfluence is another tool that performs Twitter analytics.  According to their website, twInfluence is:

a simple tool using the Twitter API to to measure the combined influence of twitterers and their followers, with a few social network statistics thrown in as bonus.

twInfluence computes a ranking and percentile based on the number of Twitter accounts it has analyzed so far.  As of today, more than 48,000 Twitterers have been analyzed by the service.  Based on these 48,000 Twitter accounts, I rank #2,743 or better than 94% of the accounts.  For fun, I processed the account of my friend @aaronstrout who lives in Twitterland and he is ranked #204.

Guy Hagen (@guyhagen) is the “guy” behind twInfluence and he also blogs at Intel 3.0.  The original blog post where Guy introduced twInfluence last October is available here.

Here is a description of the metrics used by twInfluence:

2nd Order Followers – the second order followers is important as it measures potential audience of a Twitterer.  Reach is calculated by the number of followers plus the number of the followers’ followers.

Velocity – merely averages the number of first- and second-order followers attracted per day since the Twitterer first established their account on twInfluence.

Social Capital – twInfluence uses social capital to measure the influence of each Twitterer’s followers.

Centralizations – is a measure of how much a Twitterer’s influence or reach is invested in a small number of followers.

The information from twInfluence is interesting, but at this time I perfer the interface and results from Twitterlyzer.  Depending on the size of the account, the process can take several minutes to compile all of the information before displaying the results.  If you are an active Twitterer, it is worth checking out the site and adding yourself to their metrics.


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