Why I Love HootSuite

I started experimenting with HootSuite last week, and so far I am loving it.  The best part so far is the ability to track the number of clicks from my Twitter stream.  As shown above, here is the summary of the clicks I had last week from about 10 tweets containing the ow.ly URL shortener.   Since many people are trying to measure metrics from social media activities, using ow.ly to track the clicks from your tweets is a great place to start.
HootSuite Metrics

HootSuite Metrics

While I haven’t tried it out yet, HootSuite has figured out a way to monetize your tweets.  You can embed Google Adsense ads using the ow.ly URL shortener – more information on this feature is availabe from the HootSuite blog.

Other great features of HootSuite include:

  • Managing multiple accounts – you can manage multiple accounts and each account can have multiple administrators (without surrendering the main log-in) – plus, you can also send out the same tweet to multiple accounts at the same time
  • Scheduling – you can pre-schedule tweets to make sure that your content is hitting throughout the day
  • Search – you can use HootSuite’s search engine to track conversations and it works better than Twitter’s built-in search
  • Dashbord – the dashboard provides a great overview of all Twitter activity including sent, @received, direct messages and pending

I almost forgot to share the best news about HootSuite – it’s free!

Check out the HootSuite blog at http://blog.hootsuite.com/ for more features and tips.


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