In the Beginning – My First Tweets

I ‘discovered’ a new website via Twitter yesterday (naturally) and found it to be quite interesting. The site is called My Tweet Sixteen and it uses the Twitter ‘wayback machine’ to display the first 16 tweets for any user.

My first Tweet was on October 31, 2007 and a lot has changed in the last 18 months.  Jim Storer from Shared Insights (now Mzinga) introduced me to Twitter and several of my initial tweets were with or about him.  When I first started with Twitter, I didn’t get it and it was a totally different experience than it is today.  With the explosion of people on Twitter and with a stable of interesting people to follow, Twitter is now my go to destination to learn and explore new ideas.

Here’s how I use Twitter differently now:

  • Daily use – it took me a month to get my first 10 tweets and now I am probably tweeting 5 to 10 times per day.  My browser always has at least one tab opened up to Twitter all day too.  I now follow more than 1,100 people and use it to keep in touch with friends.  Since my tweets dump into Facebook automatically, my Facebook friends are also able to keep up with what’s going on with me.
  • Twitter Search – I use Twitter search to explore what people are saying about certain companies or topics – and I will generally start on Twitter first before going to Goole.  It’s also a great way to learn more about someone by scanning their Twitter stream to discover their interests and ability to condense their thoughts into 140 characters.
  • Shared Links – Most of my tweets now include links to interesting articles or blog posts that I have encountered during the day.  Using tools like HootSuite makes it easy to share and tweet the links.  And HootSuite also lets me track the clicks on my tweeted links 122 times in the last week, so my sharing is making a difference.

So take a walk back in history and check out your first tweets.  Unfortunately, MyTweet16 can only go back 3,200 tweets – so for super active Twitterers like my friend Jim, you will not able to see all the way back to the beginning of your Twitter history.

And for those of you who are interested, here are my first 10 tweets:

1st 10 Tweets from MyTweet 16

1st 10 Tweets from MyTweet 16


2 thoughts on “In the Beginning – My First Tweets

  1. Lol–this is awesome! It’s funny because I realize how much more “serious” I’ve become on Twitter, now that I know people are actually following me. Ah, the good ole’ days, before we were aware that everything we say online is out there forever!

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