Review of ReadWriteWeb’s Guide to Online Community Management

ReadWriteWebs Online Community Guide

I received a copy of the new ReadWriteWeb’s Guide to Online Community Management last month and it is definitely worth looking at if you want to raise the level of your community management and social media game.  It is a collection of tips, talking points, data points and other collective knowledge from many different experts.  RRW editors looked through hundreds of articles and resources, and choose the best ones to be included in the report.

According to editor Marshall Kirkpatrick, this is why companies should look at the report:

Businesses seeking to engage with online communities on their own websites or all around the social web will find the guide invaluable in getting up to speed on the state of the art and making sure their employees have the foundation they need to be effective.

The guide starts off by answering the following questions:

  • Does our company need a blog? (probably)
  • Do we need a forum section on our website? (maybe)
  • Should our company spend time on Twitter? (definitely)
  • Should our company have a presence on Facebook? (the jury is out)

Then, the guide covers the need for community managers, ROI, job descriptions, marketing/engagement balance and dealing with challenging community members.  The guide ends with several interviews, a list of the 3 best podcasts on community management and additional resources.

The best part is the online companion (Community Management Aggregator) to the official guide.  This password protected website provides a dynamic and updated selection of articles and blog posts related to social media and community, links to featured blogs and Twitter addresses for leading experts.  The Guide and access to the Community Management Aggregator costs $299 and it is a bargain for the information and access provided.

Did I forget to mention that my blog post on “The Importance of Active Community Management” is listed on page 30 of the report and I’m included in the list of experts on the Aggregator site?


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