TweetLevel – Yet Another Twitter Measurement Tool

TweetLevel is another Twitter measurement tool (or “nifty little service”) that popped up this week courtesy of Edelman – the big PR and communications firm.  The TweetLevel website gives credit to for the tool to @jonnybentwood and @alexparish.

TweetLevel takes a different approach that some of the other tools (Twittergrader, Twinfluence and Twitalyzer) and measures the influence, trust and engagement of Twitter users in addition to their popularity.  The methodology used by TweetLevel is pretty complex and takes in to account a number of other factors as noted in the formula below.

TweetLevel Methodology

TweetLevel Methodology

However, it seems like the TweetLevel score is heavily influenced by the number of followers as the top TweetLevel scores are produced by celebrities and news sites.  For example, the current top 5 users according to TweetLevel arePerez HiltonMashable,  Twitter_TipsAplusk and CNNBRK.  Personally, I don’t feel influenced by either Perez or Ashton Kucher but popular culture rules in the online world.

And here is my current TweetLevel score.  I like how they provide more than just the raw score by offering suggestions as to how to improve your score.

Tom Humbarger on TweetLevel

In any case, TweetLevel is worth a visit – just to see how you match up with your favorite Twitterers.


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