Using Slideshare to Post “Best-of” Blog Posts

I started an experiment last week on Slideshare and so far, it seems to be working better than expected.  So, I am sharing the tip and results in this blog post.

Since I wrote a blog post on “Using Slideshare to Promote Your Business” 2 weeks ago, I’ve been spending some time on Slideshare.  My post discussed how businesses could use Slideshare to post marketing and other collateral to broaden their exposure.  This got me thinking about other ways I could leverage content on Slideshare.

My latest idea is to re-purpose some of my more popular blog posts and convert them to standalone documents that I can upload to Slideshare.  First,  I copied the posts individually to a nicely formatted Word document and then saved them as a PDF file using the freely available PrimoPDF software.  My formatted blog posts include the blog post title in the header and my name and blog link in the footer.  Users can then view, download or print the blog post as they see fit.  Since Slideshare incorporates the title of a document in the URL, I also get extra search engine link juice love – and it broadens the exposure for my popular posts.  And if people want to find out more about me, they can follow the link from my SlideShare profile back to my blog.  I have also included links to these posts in the About Me on my blog so people can easily access my best blog entries.   Since I have tied my Slideshare account to my LinkedIn profile, these best of blog posts also appear on my LinkedIn Profile.

In just a couple of days, I have already received 71 views on my Social Media Job Description document and 32 views on my 5 Ways to Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile document.   I am not planning on doing this for every blog post, but I easily could.  It takes me about 10 minutes from end-to-end to convert, format and upload a blog post.

Note that this tip works for both individual and business blogs.

Documents View from My SlideSpace Page

I would be interested to hear about the experiences of others – let me know after you give this tip a try.


4 thoughts on “Using Slideshare to Post “Best-of” Blog Posts

  1. An excllent and highly polished and professional post. Which (professional) brings me to a point not quite on your topic, and that is who exactly is the writer of this material and therefore why?
    I have tried to track back through twitter to see what your web site is and find it is indeed where I came from ithe first place. Maybe a little explanation (disclaimer?) of your connection if any, with slidehare may help, if that is the answer at the bottom of the rabbit hole I have chased down today when I should be working!.

    The other minor problem is that such a post is, like many from the technically-adept-elite minority, seemingly starting off from premises that haven’t even dawned on or been understood by many first-time readers. Perhaps a Primer or Slideshare and Twitter for Dummies would sell well. I shall do it.

    I guess I can expect that this comment will be “moderated” and we all know what that means, at least. But my point is not without its proponents. Booksellers for instance would be dazzled but bamboozled.

    Cheers from Deutschland,


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