Top Social Media Strategists To Watch In 2010 – From 451 Marketing

451 Marketing has compiled a list of social media strategists to watch in 2010 in a blog post today.  The intro to the blog post provided a bit of background:

We admire their work and look forward to what they’re going to come up with in 2010. This is not a comprehensive list of the great social media strategists out there, so we invite you to contribute with the names of any strategists you admire with a brief description of their work for us to post!

I was quite shocked to find out that I was included in their initial list of 54 social media strategists as this is definitely a list of social media heavy hitters.

Here’s what 451 said for my entry:

Tom Humbarger (@tomhumbarger) is a social media and community strategy consultant. He gained his expertise in marketing, by working as the community manager for Catalyze Community, a B2B group for professionals who design software applications and websites. Humbarger has his own blog, “Social Media Musings By Tom Humbarger,” which he updates regularly.

I do owe my current social media skills to working on the Catalyze Community as social media was ‘growing up’ in 2007 and 2008.  During that time, I was fortunate to be working with and learning from a great bunch of social media strategists from Mzinga including Jim Storer, Aaron Strout, Mark Wallace, Isaac Hazard, Barry Libert, and Derek Showerman.  But my real social media roots trace back to my days in product strategy for Oracle from 1996 to 2002 where I was mostly responsible for evangelizing CRM and profitability solutions.

The rest of the initial list (in alphabetical order) includes the following social media strategists:

  1. Chris Abraham (@chrisabraham)
  2. David Armano (@armano)
  3. Josh Bernoff (@jbernoff)
  4. Rohit Bhargava (@rohitbhargava)
  5. Toby Bloomberg (@tobydiva)
  6. Edward Boches (@edwardboches)
  7. Jason Breed (@jasonbreed)
  8. Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan)
  9. Christopher Carfi (@ccarfi)
  10. C. C. Chapman (@cc_chapman)
  11. Adam Cohen (@adamcohen)
  12. Mack Collier (@mackcollier)
  13. Angela Connor (@communitygirl)
  14. Todd Defren (@tdefren)
  15. Dave Evans (@evansdave)
  16. Sally Falkow (@sallyfalkow)
  17. Jason Falls (@jasonfalls)
  18. Nathan Gilliatt (@gilliatt)
  19. Paul Gillin (@pgillin)
  20. Seth Godin (@sethgodins)
  21. Phil Gomes (@philgomes)
  22. Beth Harte (@bethharte)
  23. John Hingley (@crushdirect)
  24. Jackie Huba (@jackiehuba)
  25. Tom Humbarger (@tomhumbarger)
  26. Shel Israel (@shelisrael)
  27. Mitch Joel (@mitchjoel)
  28. Max Kalehoff (@maxkalehoff)
  29. Christina Kerley (@ckepiphany)
  30. Peter Kim (@peterkim)
  31. JD Lasica (@jdlasica)
  32. Justin Levy (@justinlevy)
  33. Charlene Li (@charleneli)
  34. Valeria Maltoni (@ConversationAge)
  35. Ben McConnell (@benmcconnell)
  36. Marc Meyer (@marc_meyer)
  37. Scott Monty (@scottmonty)
  38. B.L. Ochman (@whatsnext)
  39. Lee Odden (@leeodden)
  40. Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang)
  41. Shannon Paul (@shannonpaul)
  42. Christopher Penn (@cspenn)
  43. Jeremy Pepper (@jspepper)
  44. Joel Postman (@jpostman)
  45. Mike Sansone (@mikesansone)
  46. Robert Scoble (@scobleizer)
  47. David Meerman Scott (@dmscott)
  48. Peter Shankman (@skydiver)
  49. Brian Solis (@briansolis)
  50. Liz Strauss (@lizstrauss)
  51. Greg Verdino (@gregverdino)
  52. Lena West (@lenawest)
  53. Dan Zarrella (@danzerella)
  54. Linda Zimmer (@lgzimmer)

You can subscribe to this list of strategists on Twitter by going to my Social Media Strategists list.

Please follow the link to the 451 Marketing blog post to nominate others who are worthy of this honor.  I know of several deserving social media types that need to be added to the list.


3 thoughts on “Top Social Media Strategists To Watch In 2010 – From 451 Marketing

  1. Hey Tom: I was surprised to be on that list as well. I think for some of us, we just do what we do and don’t look for such accolades. I know why you’re on it though. I’m a fan and I’ll be watching you in 2010!

  2. a list is a list is a list .. but it’s nice to be acknowledged and also great to find some people who are doing good work in the social space. thank for the tweet love!

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