Maximizing Your LinkedIn Profile – Advanced Version

One of my more successful blog posts has been 5 Ways to Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile from July 2008.  While looking at this post recently, I realized that there are some additional and more advanced ways that many people are not taking advantage of yet.  So, I decided another blog post was in order to discuss the advanced features of joining groups, adding your Twitter account and LinkedIn applications.

Join Groups – LinkedIn Groups can help you stay informed and stay in touch with people who similar interests.  You can start by searching for Groups under at the Groups tab.  You can search by keyword and also limit your search to specific categories or languages.  Once you click on the Join Group button, you are placed in a queue for getting approved.  Some groups have automatic approval and others require you to be approved by a ‘human’ group moderator.

Within each group, you can start or participate in a discussion, share news, search or post jobs or join subgroups.  You can also get a daily or weekly digest emailed to you with all new activity in case want a reminder of what you missed.  The greatest thing about groups is that it makes it easier to connect with people you may not know directly.  You can select a Group affiliation when you are sending a request for connection to someone.

Example of Groups Page – Social Media Marketing

Add your Twitter account – LinkedIn just started a new feature in the last week where you can link your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile.  Previously, you could do this by adding your Twitter stream as an “Other” website in your profile.  But the Twitter integration goes one step further by letting you have your Twitter updates post automatically to your LinkedIn status update.  If you put either #in or #li in your tweet, it will pass directly to LinkedIn.  If you are an active Twitter user, you may not want all of your tweets showing up in LinkedIn.  But you may want to select one or two per week to make sure your LinkedIn status is always ‘fresh’.  For more information on this new feature, check out the LinkedIn blog post by Alan Blue.

Twitter Integration on LinkedIn

Add applications – LinkedIn offers several add-in applications to make your profile even more robust.  You can find a list and description of each application at this link.

My favorite applications are:

  • WordPress Blog
  • Amazon Reading List
  • Slideshare

WordPress Blog – If you have a WordPress blog, this is a must-have application.  The application syncs with your WordPress blog and displays the last 2 or 3 posts within your LinkedIn profile.  If you don’t have a WordPress blog, there is another application called BlogLink that lets you bring in any blog and it also displays the blogs of your contacts who are using the application.

WordPress Application on LinkedIn

Amazon Reading List – I like the Amazon Reading List for several reasons.  First, it lets me keep track of the books I’ve read or want to read.  Plus, it gives people more insight into my literary likes and dislikes which personalizes my LinkedIn profile.  If your connections use the application you can also view their lists.

Amazon Reading List Application on LinkedIn

Slideshare – The Slideshare intregration in LinkedIn is also a great feature.  The application allows you to display up to 3 of your presentations.  Other options include viewing all of your presentations or viewing the most popular presentations from other users

SlideShare Application on LinkedIn

Good luck with updating your LinkedIn profiles.


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