A Social Media Adventure with Mazda

I’m off on a social media adventure with Mazda tomorrow as an observer at the North American debut of the Mazda2 sub-compact on press day at the LA Auto Show.

Mazda has created the Mazda “22” group which includes Mazda owners, Mazda enthusiasts and members of the social media community who will work with Mazda’s digital team in an advisory capacity.  The LA Auto Show will be the first of several planned meet-ups for this group in the Southern California area.

The special Mazda2 event includes an orientation, an advanced screening, the official press conference for the Mazda2 Reveal (at 11:05am PST), a photo and video session, and lunch at the ESPN Zone at LA Live.

Mazda2 - Photo from ConsumerReports.org Review

The Mazda2 was awarded the World Car of the Year in 2008 and was not originally slated for release in the US.  The run-up in gas prices in 2009 and the economic downturn led Mazda to change its mind on releasing the sub-compact in the US market.

Here are some other Mazda2 links to check out:

I’m looking forward to seeing how Mazda leverages social media for their Mazda2 launch – zoom zoom!


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