Social Media 101 Presentation for Ernst & Young

I gave a Social Media presentation for a group of marketing managers at Ernst & Young yesterday and want to share the presentation on my blog.  The particular team I presented to is primarily responsible for marketing and business development for the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year program in the Western US.  The presentation

Some interesting insights from this group include:

  • LinkedIn – Most members had a LinkedIn account, but were not using it effectively for business and only a few had joined any networking groups groups
  • Twitter – A couple had Twitter accounts, but didn’t really get it yet
  • Facebook – most people had a Facebook account that they used for personal use
  • Slideshare – no one heard of Slideshare, but were intrigued with what could be shared
  • Social bookmarking – no one had heard of Delicious or Digg, or had any idea how to use it
  • E&Y social media sites – most of the participants had not seen any of their own company’s social media sites

The last bullet brings up an interesting point.  As far as I could tell based on my limited research, E&Y is not doing very much in social media yet – which seems to be consistent with other similar firms in the auditing/consulting/tax services market.

For example, E&Y does have a popular Facebook page, but it is only used for recruiting college graduates.  They have a couple of Twitter accounts, but they are definitely underutilized and are not being used to set up E&Y as a knowledge leader or to promote their very popular Entrepreneur of the Year program.  There is an Ernst & Young LinkedIn group with 8,000 members.  Videos of the annual Entrepreneur of the Year awards are posted on a branded YouTube channel, but the videos are not promoted through any other social media outlets.  I also learned that E&Y created a Pandora Music Channel called EverybodY Rock, but the irony is that Pandora is blocked in E&Y offices.

There is so much great content from the Entrepreneur of the Year program that could be shared if E&Y did a better job with leveraging social media to promote and set up E&Y as the thought leader and champion for entrepreneurs.  At the end of my presentation, I came up with some recommendations for E&Y to consider which includes:

  • Start up a blog to disseminate information
  • Set up an Entrepreneur of the Year LinkedIn Group to promote and discuss the program
  • Create an Entrepreneur of the Year Twitter account to listen, find entrepreneurs and send out updates
  • Set up an E&Y Slideshare account to post and share information
  • Set up an Entrepreneur of the Year Facebook Fan page to attract and inform people about the program

Attention Ernst & Young Senior Management  I think you need me and I'm here to share my social media knowledge!  Just give me a call...

After that short ‘commercial’, here is the social media presentation I delivered yesterday:


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