Settling Wagers the Social Media Way

So what happens when a bunch of social-media-savvy basketball fans decide to place a friendly wager on the NBA Finals?

For the Lakers, victory has never been harder -- or sweeter (courtesy of the LA Times)

First, Twitter was used to solicit participants and to talk ‘smack’:

Talking Smack on Twitter

Then, the wager was documented in a post on Aaron Strout’s Big Papelbon blog:

Wager Proposal on the Big Papelbon Blog

And finally, the loser pays off in a social media manner which is probably more painful than paying out of cold, hard cash.

With that, here are the new avatars from the Celtics fans who ended up on the losing side of the wager (and documented in my blog too of course).  Please feel free to let Aaron, Adam, Kyle, and Jim that you love their new temporarary Twitter avatars.  And Jamie, when are we going to see your new avatar?

@aaronstrout on Twitter

@adamcohen on Twitter

@kyleflaherty on Twitter

@jimstorer on Twitter

This settles the score for me, since I was on the losing side of 2 wagers in 2007/2008 when the Red Sox defeated the Angels in the 2007 American League Divisional Playoffs and the Celtics defeated the Lakers in the 2008 NBA Finals.  So, I am definitely savoring this sweet victory.  And thanks to my fellow Laker Fans in this wager – Liz, Jason and Bennett – where should we celebrate our victory?

June 21, 2010 Update – Jamie ‘finally’ updated his avatar over the weekend and is begging to be added to the Humiliation Wall of Shame.  And just in time for the Lakers Victory Parade in downtown LA this morning too!

@JPunishill on Twitter


5 thoughts on “Settling Wagers the Social Media Way

  1. ahaha! GREAT post. It was a fun wager and I almost forgot about the best part – welcoming the newly minted Laker “fans” on Twitter via their well-chosen avatars. Victory has never – EVER – tasted so sweet.

  2. As much as it pains me to change my avatar, in pains me even more to have it captured for posterity 😉
    great series, and BeatLA…Dodgers this weekend. Thanks Tom

  3. Ugh, sorry I was late in compliance, was across the pond and not on twitter this week.

    Tom, now you know why none of us were gloating…

    I still can’t believe we lost but that was one helluva series. One for the great Lakers-Celtics rivalry books.

    Enjoy the dinner guys!

  4. Well played Tom. I still have a Lakers hat somewhere… maybe I’ll put it on for my final day avatar.

    Congrats to the Lakers! Great series, great win.

    Jim | @jimstorer

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