Insights from the AWS Cloud Computing for the Enterprise Event in Los Angeles

The Amazon Web Services team held a Cloud Computing Enterprise Event in Los Angeles this week and the featured speaker was Dr. Werner Vogels, Amazon’s Chief Technology Officer.

Dr. Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO, Presents at the AWS Los Angeles Event

Werner started out his talk by saying that Amazon’s goal is:

“to make cloud computing so simple that you don’t need a Dummies Book.”

After talking about the astronomic growth of the AWS service that now receives more than 120,000 requests per second and has more than 124 billion objects, Werner listed the top 5 myths about cloud computing:

  1. Cloud is not reliable
  2. Cloud is all or nothing
  3. Cloud is all that matters
  4. Cloud locks you in
  5. Cloud is not secure

Using specific customer stories from companies such as NASDAQ, Lawson, Razorfish, Netflix, and the US Department of the Treasury, Werner debunked each of the myths with real-life examples.

Werner also shared the 9 Business Design Principles that Amazon used to develop their AWS service.  Interestingly, many if not all of these principles could be applied by most companies when trying to design and deliver top quality products and services:

  1. Design for flexibility
  2. Design for on-demand
  3. Design for automation
  4. Decompose into it’s simplest form
  5. Break transparency
  6. Design with security
  7. Don’t do it alone
  8. Continuously innovate
  9. Let your customers benefit

Werner closed his presentation by stating that:

cloud computing is still on Day 1 of it’s evolution!

Here is a similar presentation that Werner gave in April 2010 for the London Enterprise Cloud Computing event and most of the slides were the same for the Los Angeles event:

You can learn more about what makes Werner tick by checking out his All Things Distributed blog or by following him on Twitter at @werner.


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