Tweets From @tomhumbarger for Week Ending July 23 2010

This blog post is an experiment on creating a blog post from the best of my weekly Twitter Tweets posted @tomhumbarger.

Why The Next Big Pop-Culture Wave After Cupcakes Might Be Libraries : NPR

Insights from the AWS Cloud Computing for the Enterprise Event in Los Angeles « my post summarizing @werner‘s talk…

RT @morphlabs: we answer Amazon’s call for SWAG from AWS evangelist @jeffbarr and help decorate their new offices…

Impact of OpenStack Project Goes Beyond the Cloud Industry Leaders – ReadWriteCloud

How to increase the value of content without ever changing the content another great post from @dspark

Five reasons why Foursquare’s mainstream success is inevitable – Telegraph

What Sucks About @Foursquare Today – an interesting rant and wishlist on geo-social from @jess3– posted on Slidesh

@jeffcutler will cover the BP Oil Spill for 2 weeks for the environmental professional @edrcommonground community…

10 Fascinating Facebook Facts:

9 Ways To Convince The CEO To Use Social Media and Enter The 21st Century | from @Jeffbullas‘s Blog – #1=scare ’em!

Stop Trying to Measure Social Media: 10 Things You Should Be Measuring Instead – Kommein

RT @morphlabs: “We create market value through an open core strategy.” CEO Winston Damarillo interview w/ @socaltech

The Field Guide to Social Media Weasels – which of the 12 types of social media experts are you? from @ikepigott …

Dr Werner Vogel, CTO at Amazon, speaking at AWS Cloud for the Enterprise …

A Look Back at the Last 5 Years in Social Media: … An interesting retrospective…

RT @davidnour Top 10 Reasons Most Networking Doesn’t Work and Why!: Networking is one of those necessary evils for most

Cloud Platform Startup @Morphlabs Raises $5.5 Million from TechCrunch…

2010 Nonprofit Social Media Benchmarks Study – Introduction – some interesting stats on using social media channels…

The Requirements Payoff — by Karl Wiegers …1-engage endusers, 2-prototype UIs, 3-review problems, 4-align with biz

Twitter is #2 Search Engine | Google is #1 by wide margin, Yahoo is 3rd and Bing is 4th… Social Media Today

Can Facebook Best Google With Social Search? – MarketingVOX

Facebook’s 500 Million Members [INFOGRAPHIC]:

10 Fascinating Facebook Facts:

Is Flipboard Legal? | Epicenter | (Is Flipboard scraping content it doesn’t have the rights to?)

10 Great Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses of Google [VIDEOS]: #10 is my fav!

40 Web Design and Development Resources for Beginners:


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