Tweets from @tomhumbarger for Week Ending August 6 2010

HOW TO: Put Facebook’s “Like” Button on Any Website:

HOW TO: Manage a Sustainable Online Community by @robhoward of Telligent on Mashable…

AT&T Launches QR Code Scanning App for BlackBerry and Android – and create your own codes at

RT @morphlabs: Tweetest Tweets :: Check out last Week’s Roundup from @MorphLabs #cloud

Fire Your Marketing Manager and Hire A Community Manager – by @armano (David Armano) – in Harvard Business Review

RT @morphlabs: Best Practices for Architecting for the Cloud | insights from Amazon’s Tech Evangelist @jinman

RT @TomHumbarger: “Tech Advice for My College Freshman Son” – a post with a list of tech essentials for college freshmen

RT @morphlabs: Determining the Real Value of Cloud Computing = Self Improvement, Agility & Time | by @davidlinthicum http://ow

15 Twitter Lists for C-Suite Execs to Follow

‘The Social Network’ Trailer (VIDEO): Preview Of The Facebook Movie – just found out it was written by Aaron Sorkin

RT @morphlabs: How Big is Amazon’s Cloud Computing Business? | @GigaOm via @robgilmour@rsarver

4 “Ugly” Sites that Make Millions (and What We Can Learn from Them) – eBay, Craigs List, Google & PlentyofFish

@FreyDrew – 56% did monitor and engage…but not many are actually archiving the conversations for longer term learning/review…

California’s Prop 8 has been overturned.. here are the complete findings and conclusions – see page 138 for summary…

E-mails and Intranet Are Top Communication Methods Used to Engage Employees — PRNewswire/ —

“The Value of a Social Relationship” a fanscape whitepaper… #socialmedia

Building the Marketing Plan: A Blueprint for Start-ups from @IlyaMirman via @hubspot

5 Fab Twitter Follower Visualization Tools:

What we talk about when we talk about cloud computing from Google – weighing private data centers vs. the cloud

B2B Social Media: Definitive Guide -from Marketo (registration required)

SCVNGR Launches Sophisticated Rewards Program

10 Free Web UI Kits and Resources for Designers

RT @morphlabs: Determining the Real Value of Cloud Computing = Self Improvement, Agility & Time | by @davidlinthicum


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