I’m Back in the Community Business with the Launch of the mCloud On-Demand Community

This is a big week for me as I have been busy working on a simultaneous product and community launch for Morphlabs.   On Wednesday, I wrote a post about mCloud On-Demand and briefly mentioned the new community.  Today, I want to provide some additional background on the actual community.

The community is called the mCloud On-Demand Community and it’s primary purpose is to support our new mCloud On-Demand product.  The community is also serving as network for cloud computing professionals and as an aggregator of cloud computing news and information.

I used Ning Professional to create the community and so far I am really pleased with how easy it was to set up and customize the look-and-feel.  And for less than $500 per year, the cost is more than a real bargin.  Plus, I was able to set up and customize my community in just a couple of days.  This experience was totally different from the first community I built almost 4 years ago.  I now have more community functionality and control at a price that is more than 20x cheaper per month than the cost of my first community.  I highly recommend Ning Professional to anyone who is interested in created a community site.

mCloud On-Demand Community Homepage

The other big difference in my latest community experience is that I will have help in adding content and responding to member questions in the forum.  Since the primary goal of the community is to support the mCloud On-Demand product, there is 24×7 team to handle the bulk of the work while I can focus on pure community management.

I can’t wait to see how my latest community adventure unfolds.  You can check out the mCloud On-Demand Community at community.mor.ph.


Up in the Clouds

I have not written many blog posts recently as I’ve been spending my time in the clouds.  Cloud computing to be specific. Since June, I have been working at Morphlabs and leading the product marketing efforts to launch a product called mCloud On-Demand.  Yesterday was our big launch day as we announced the availability of mCloud On-Demand at the Cloud Computing Expo in Santa Clara, California.  By the way you can signup for a free mCloud On-Demand account here.

The rest of this blog post is excerpted from a post I wrote for the Morphlabs website yesterday.

What is mCloud On-Demand? mCloud On-Demand is an operational management platform that works with Amazon’s EC2 service to provide an integrated cloud computing stack for deploying, managing and monitoring enterprise class applications.  mCloud On-Demand uses same mCloud technology and interface as mCloud Controller that is used by enterprises to build private clouds and by service providers who are offering cloud services to their customers.

And during the initial beta period, mCloud On-Demand is totally free including access to our user support community and 24×7 technical support.

As mentioned in the blog post title, our goal is to make public clouds more reliable and secure by extending Amazon’s rich capabilities to give users more control over their public cloud infrastructure.

mCloud On-Demand - Cloud Builder

With mCloud On-Demand, we are targeting anyone who is currently using or planning on using Amazon Web Services (AWS).  In addition, mCloud On-Demand lets anyone experience mCloud technology firsthand quickly and with minimal outlay.

Why did we launch mCloud On-Demand? The storyline for mCloud On-Demand can be summed up as follows:

  1. Public cloud computing and adoption is exploding
  2. AWS is the leading provider of public clouds
  3. Morphlabs has more than 3 years experience in working with AWS and we are an AWS Solutions Partner
  4. mCloud On-Demand will make it easier to deploy, manage and monitor applications over the public cloud

Public Clouds Are Getting “Hot”– Research firm IDC released a report in June 2010 that public cloud IT services will grow at a rate that is 5 times more than the rate of traditional IT products.  According to IDC Chief Analyst Frank Gens, “Our forecast shows that public IT cloud services are currently ‘crossing the chasm,’ with modest revenue but very fast growth.”  Cloud computing pundit David Linthicum wrote an interesting blog post titled “The Stealthy Rise of the Public Cloud” in which he discussed how public clouds are ‘sneaking’ into enterprises because they are easy to procure without any upfront investment – “you can allocate the servers and tools you need with a credit card, only getting billed for the time you use.”

AWS is the 900-lb Gorilla in Public Cloud Computing – Almost everyone outside the cloud computing ecosystem are surprised to learn that Amazon is a leader in cloud computing, but they are the leader by a large amount.  It is difficult to get exact numbers on the size of Amazon’s cloud computing business because they are not broken out separately in their financial statements, but almost everyone acknowledges that they are the leading provider of public clouds.  Some analysts have tried to estimate Amazon’s cloud computing revenue including UBS Investment Research which pegs AWS revenue at $500 million while Citibank investment bankers estimate AWS will have $650 million in revenues in 2010.

How Can I Get Started With mCloud On-Demand? The best news is that mCloud On-Demand is available now and it is free to use during our initial beta period.  It only takes a minute or two to sign up for a free account:

  1. Give us your email address and confirm your password
  2. Provide your Amazon EC2 account and keys

The second step is optional during the signup process and you can add the Amazon keys later from our Account tab.  You can experience most of the functionality of mCloud On-Demand without adding your Amazon keys including the cloud creator and review the system admin information.

mCloud On-Demand Signup Page

mCloud On-Demand Links and Resources: