What Does Your LinkedIn Network Look Like?

LinkedIn came out with a cool new feature called LinkedIn InMaps. The feature was described in a blog post on the LinkedIn blog on Monday.

“InMaps is an interactive visual representation of your professional universe that answers all of the above questions.  It’s a great way to understand the relationships between you and your entire set of LinkedIn connections. With it you can better leverage your professional network to help pass along job opportunities, seek professional advice, gather insights, and more.”

It is a very interesting way to visually view the connections in your network.  For instance, I have a huge clump of contacts from iRise where I worked from 2005 to 2008 and another reasonably-sized chunk from my time at Treasury Services/Oracle from 1995 to 2002.  And then I have my social media connections that I acquired from working with the team at Mzinga.  Finally, there are a scattering of one-off or totally unrelated contacts.

You can also view a full size version of my network from this URL.  This exercise is very worthwhile even it if only reminds you of people you used to interact with more frequently.  But it can also be a very valuable tool for discovering hidden insights from your network.