mCloud On-Demand Now Does Windows

[I originally published this post on the Morphlabs corporate blog]

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Morphlabs recently released a new version of our mCloud On-Demand product and has two major features to announce:

  1. Windows Support — Users can launch Windows Servers in addition to CentOS Servers and all sizes of Amazon computes are available for both platforms.
  2. More free VMs — The other important feature to announce is that we have expanded the free level of service for mCloud On-Demand which means that users can now launch up to 20 VMs at a time for free (note that you still need to pay for your own Amazon EC2 expenses).  We want you to use mCloud On-Demand as your primary cloud computing interface or to use it to quickly experience the power of mCloud technology.

What is mCloud On-Demand?

mCloud On-Demand helps take the complexity out of cloud computing.  With mCloud On-Demand, users can easily create and launch virtual servers which can be configured with your choice of operating systems, development environments and packages.  These configured servers can be saved as FlexImages which can be re-used to provide you with faster configuration and standardization while streamlining your system administration.  We will also offer pre-configured FlexImages or App Stacks to get you started quickly with a cloud computing solution.

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Get On the Cloud Today

Since our mCloud On-Demand solution is a cloud services platform sits on top of the Amazon EC2 infrastructure, you do not need any infrastructure or IT resources to get started.  You simply sign up for mCloud On-Demand, provide your Amazon EC2 information and you will begin you experiencing mCloud technology within minutes.

Experience All of mCloud On-Demand Features

From a feature standpoint, mCloud On-Demand has the key components that define a true cloud computing solution including:

  • Self-service — web-based self-service for provisioning virtual machines (VMs)
  • Windows or CentOS — you can launch VMs with either a Windows or CentOS operating system
  • Bundled Flex Images — ability to save and re-use server configurations
  • Measured service — built-in metering of usage by VM hour and user
  • Billing — capabilities for internal or external chargebacks or show-backs
  • Administration — robust administration features for adding and monitoring users

Watch Our mCloud On-Demand Overview Demo

This short demo video provides you with an overview of what you can expect with mCloud On-Demand:

We also recorded four other videos that you can access from our Morphlabs YouTube Page or from the Morphlabs Facebook Fanpage:

  • Signup for  an mCloud On-Demand Account
  • Create a new cloud with mCloud On-Demand
  • Connect to an mCloud On-Demand cloud using SSH
  • Connect to an mCloud On-Demand Windows cloud

What Can You Do With mCloud On-Demand?

With mCloud On-Demand, users can:

  • Create CentOS or Windows VMs using our Cloud Builder – all sizes from Amazon EC2 are supported
  • Connect to the servers via SSH or Remote Desktop and configure the servers however you want to with development environments, applications and packages
  • Bundle configured servers to reduce system admin time and share with others
  • Launch bundled servers to rapidly deploy standardized images
  • Manage users and permissions to fine tune management and control
  • Explore the power of mCloud technology today with no upfront investment in hardware

System Admins Get More Efficient with mCloud On-Demand – System admins can use mCloud On-Demand to simplify the process for provisioning and setting up virtual servers.  In addition, self-service enables users to rapidly increase and decrease capacity as needed with minimal upfront costs.

Software Developers Get More Productive with the mCloud On-Demand – Software developers gain the ability to rapidly provision and set up environments that they can use for development, testing and deployment.  By spending less time on system admin tasks, developers can quickly respond to market needs and drive more innovation into their products.

Business Users Gain Access to Cloud Ready Applications with mCloud On-Demand – Business users can also benefit from mCloud On-Demand through pre-configured and supported access to software that they need to run their businesses.  We are already including Bundled Computes and will be building more App Stacks in the future that can be installed from within mCloud On-Demand to deliver cloud-ready applications.  Plus, we will also have plans for mCloud Elastic Apps (eApps) that will be scalable, elastic and fault-tolerant versions of cloud-ready applications.