Social Media for CPAs

Michael B. Allmon (my running partner and CPA friend) and I had our article titled “Social Media for CPAs” published by the California CPA Society this week.  The article appears in their 2011 Technology and Business Guide as the lead story.  In addition to answering the high level questions of “what is social media” and “why should CPAs care?”, we also describe how to get started in social media and provide some quick hit suggestions.

While this article was targeted at CPAs, the advice is relevant to all professionals including lawyers, investment professionals and bankers.  As the article states, social media is about networking and sharing with your customers and prospects.

You can view the article on Slideshare below or download it from this link.

I have been running with Mike three times per week for the last 6 years and during that time we have had many discussions about social media.  Our article is the culmination of the advice I’ve shared over the years as Mike as progressed from “what the heck is social media” to “hey, this social media stuff really works”.  I also helped Mike transform his corporate website, and got him involved in Twitter where he tweets as MichaelBAllmon and DeadAccountant.

While the article is fairly straightforward, I am available to do social media audits and engagements, and can help any professional with ramping up their social media presence.  See my Social Media Links for ways to contact and connect with me.


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