Adding a Profile on

Do you want an easy way to create an overview page about you, including links to where people can contact you?  If so, you should check out the new service lets you create a one-page overview of yourself including links to your website and the leading social media websites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. helps consolidate all of your web activity in one place using one URL.

Why do I like

  1. Simple yet comprehensive — is very easy to use and it is simple to add links to your key social media properties and websites.  It is also possible to use your creative talents to develop very visual pages.  Check out the home page for examples of “Who’s Using It”.  Oh, and it’s free to use
  2. Customized URLs — you can maximize your visibility by creating a customized username which becomes part of your URL.  For example, I chose tomhumbarger as my user name so my URL becomes  And you can use the Promote page to submit your custom URL to the Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines or publicize it on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Analytics — comes with a powerful dashboard that shows how many people have viewed, clicked or linked to your profile.  In addition, the Klout influence service is integrated on the More Data tab
There is also a short 1 minute overview video on the website that explains how and why to use the service: is currently running a promotion on their site and through BzzAgent where you get free business cards from for trying To see what looks like, check out my page and an example of my Dashboard below: Dashboard for Tom Humbarger


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