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I wrote a blog post last year titled “7 Social Media Must-dos for the Restaurant Industry” and Kevin Young from FillingTables.com stumbled across it on the Internet.  Kevin has started a bi-weekly podcast on marketing for the restaurant industry and he recently asked me to be his guest for his second podcast.  During the podcast, we go into the details behind my post and the 7 most important things that a restaurant needs to do with social media.

I have embedded the podcast below or you can download it from iTunes.  For your convenience, I have also added a table of contents if you are looking for a particular social media subject.


Podcast on Social Media for Restaurants with Kevin Young from FillingTables.com

[audio http://content.blubrry.com/fillingtables/Filling-Tables-Episode-Two.mp3]

Podcast content – minutes/topic:

  • 2:00 — news update segment
  • 4:00 — interview with me starts
  • 5:00 — monitoring your brand
  • 7:30 — how to handle negative reviews in social media (Yelp)
  • 10:00 — claiming your brand
  • 11:45 — claim your brand on Patch.com
  • 12:45 — Facebook for restaurants
  • 15:00 — Foursquare for restaurants
  • 16:00 — social media is here to stay
  • 17:00 — Twitter for restaurants
  • 19:00 — adding your restaurant in Wikipedia
  • 22:00 — blogging for restaurants
  • 23:45 — updating your website frequently
  • 25:00 — recommending WordPress for restaurants
  • 25:45 — posting your menu as a searchable PDF file on your website and on Slideshare
  • 27:00 — don’t forget to train your staff about how to handle social media
  • 28:00 — wrapup and how to contact Tom Humbarger
  • 30:00 — feedback segment
Many thanks to Kevin Young and FillingTables.com for including me in their podcast.

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